What do you do when the man responsible for traffic safety in one of the busiest urban areas in the country is drunk? It's shocking, but a New Jersey Transit worker has been paying a homeless alcoholic to direct traffic and get him coffee while he sleeps in empty buses.

"If he's flagging down a bus and can barely stand up, you should be concerned," Sean Patrick Hillman, a commuter concerned about the behavior of a man directing traffic outside of a 37th street parking lot, told NBC 4 News after failing to get anyone at New Jersey Transit to look into the matter.

NBC 4 News filmed Hector Santiago as he drank from a brown paper bag concealed bottle behind a portable toilet at the height of rush hour. After finishing the bottle he went to a nearby liquor store rather than returning to work. When confronted by the cameras he took a swig from his Vodka bottle.

The actual Transit employee Santiago was covering for, Max Caramas, was filmed asleep in a bus on the lot while Santiago was drinking and directing traffic.

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