• Kia Ray EV front 3/4

  • Kia Ray EV rear

  • Kia Ray EV side

  • Kia Ray EV recharging

  • Kia Ray EV front 3/4

  • Kia Ray EV interior

  • Kia Ray EV seating

  • Kia Ray EV gauge cluster

  • Kia Ray EV navigation

With company cousin Hyundai busy working on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, Kia has said it will bring a battery-powered EV to market some time in 2014. We've seen the Ray EV (above), but that was a limited-run production vehicle destined for fleets in Korea. The follow-up is the electrified Soul, and if you're looking for some completely unverified rumors about what the Soul EV will be packing under the hood, Kia World has got you covered.

Kia World says the "mass produced" Soul EV is due in the first half of 2014 for around $35,000 and will be "the very-first electic vehicle to be sold in the global market, including the US, Europe and China." Nissan might take offense at that, but technically, the Leaf will be reworked as the Fengshen E30. As for performance, the Soul EV is supposed to have a range of about 120 miles and a top speed of 87 miles per hours. The 0-60 time will be nothing that impresses ("under 12 seconds" is the rumor) but at least it beats the Ray's time by four seconds.

We've asked Kia for confirmation or denial on these figures, and will let you know if we hear anything substantial.

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