No good deed goes unpunished, and Colorado resident Jesus Rivera understands this better than most after becoming a car-theft victim, a crime which left him without a truck and continuing legal troubles.

Rivera witnessed an accident over a year ago while driving near Denver. A man had rolled his car on an interstate and Rivera immediately pulled over to help. After saving the bloodied driver from the upside-down car, Rivera went to find the children the man said were in the back seat. But there were no children in the car, and when Rivera turned around, the driver he just rescued had stolen his truck.

"I don't regret it. I would do it again," Rivera told Colorado 9 News.

When his story came to light there was an outpouring of support for Rivera. Viewers helped him buy a new truck and fill it with tools that were also stolen in the incident. Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of the problems for Jesus Rivera. Ten days after the truck was stolen, the crook wracked up $520 in parking tickets -- Rivera was now liable to pay.

He had to prove the tickets were issued while someone else was driving his vehicle, but Adams County didn't have a record of his case. Luckily the state police did have a record and he won't be responsible for the additional costs.

Even after the hassle and problems, Rivera told Colorado 9 News that he wouldn't think twice about stopping and helping someone again.

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