Last October, Chris Harris got a shotgun ride in the Porsche 918 Spyder. Seven months on, the automaker is quite a bit further on the development on the hybrid supercar, and Porsche invited him to the Leipzig circuit for a test drive.

Harris starts off going through some of the technical bits on the car, including the galvanized carbon fiber instrument panel and forged carbon fiber attachment points, and before he gets in, he's a little unsure of the car. The hybrid aspect is of particular concern, Harris almost wishing that instead of a 3,608-pound coupe with a combined 887 horsepower, that Porsche would ditch the heavy batteries and make a 2,420-pound coupe with the combustion engine's 608 horsepower.

Then he drives it, and all of a sudden, "It doesn't feel like I'm driving a hybrid sports car." You can watch him come around in the video below.

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