It's a busy day over at Mercedes-Benz. In addition to taking the wraps off of the all-new 2014 S-Class sedan, the company's engineers have been spotted testing the rakish, two-door variant of the Mercedes flagship, which will ditch its CL-Class nomenclature in favor of a more precise S-Class Coupe moniker. (Remember, the coupe and convertible versions of the E-Class used to go by the name CLK.)

Now that we have all the details on the big S-Class sedan, we have a pretty good guess as to how all of that will work its way over to the two-door model. What we're most curious about, however, is how the new car will look when its swirly paper is removed. Up front, the fascia looks like a slightly redesigned version of what's found on the sedan, but it's around back where things get really interesting. Rather than using the vertical rear lighting elements of the four-door, the S-Class Coupe seems to be fitted with some slim, horizontal units. Color us intrigued.

Mercedes-Benz will initially launch the S-Class sedan with twin-turbo V8 power in both the S550 and S63 AMG, so we expect those same powerplants to make their way over to the coupe, as well. We'll know more when the two-door gets its official reveal in the not-too-distant future (Frankfurt Motor Show, perhaps?).

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Information

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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