Roof-mounted carriers are perfect for adding a little extra cargo capacity when heading off on a road trip, but an Australian company has come up with an innovative way to take advantage of this device when not in use. When not needed to carry cargo, the Boatpack becomes a small, lightweight boat, which, as evidenced by the images, can create some absolutely awkward mother-son bonding time. At $1,590, the Boatpack is not cheap, but if you like spending a little time on a small lake while on vacation, this is a pretty interesting idea.

When needed to store cargo, the lockable Boatpack offers 23 cubic feet of volume, but weighing in at just 44 pounds it's also lightweight enough to be removed by just one person for use as a boat. Oars come included with the Boatpack, but it has also been designed to accommodate electric outboard drive units. And for Tommy Boy fans, we all now have a real excuse to yell "stop playing with your dinghy" at people out on the water.

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