Motorcyclist rear ends truck, lands in bed and goes for a ride

Just imagine for a moment that you're driving across a long stretch of secluded desert highway, and suddenly you see a hand waving at you from inside the vehicle in the rearview mirror. While this might seem like the stuff of scary urban legends, it is exactly what happened to a man last week as he was driving his Nissan pickup through California's High Desert.

According to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, a motorcycle rider rear-ended the man's pickup at a high rate of speed, throwing the rider into the bed of the truck. Since it was a rough stretch of road that was under construction, the driver mistook the impact for road debris. Witnesses claim the motorcycle rider was traveling "in excess of 130 miles per hour," and while the rider sustained "minor to moderate" injuries, we imagine that things would likely have been much worse if he hadn't landed in the back of the truck...

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