'Micro Mayhem!' stop-motion video made by Robot Chicken crew

Here's a prediction: If you're an adult that thinks Micro Machines were cool (and maybe still are) and has an affinity for stop motion animation, you're probably already familiar with Adult Swim's Robot Chicken. There's a super-geeky Venn diagram to be made here (wait... is there any other kind of Venn diagram?), were our full-time infographics illustrator not on strike.

In any event, the mad minds and steady modeling hands behind the stop motion Robot Chicken are the talented group that call themselves The League of Buddies, and their business Stoopid Buddy Studios. It might be that Cartoon Network needs to come up with some more work for the animators, as they've clearly had some time on their hands to work on projects like this: an action-packed stop-motion short called Micro Mayhem!.

We could try to explain just what this is, and why it's so worth watching, but better that you simply scroll down, press play, and enjoy the hilarity (and surprisingly convincing engine/exhaust soundtrack) for yourself.

Micro Mayhem! from Stoopid Buddy Stoodios on Vimeo.

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