The official, revamped website for Fisker Automotive appears to be more of an homage to the company's focus on style rather than an accurate snapshot of the struggling automaker's actual troubles.

When you click on the homepage, you'll see red, white and blue images of its elegantly designed Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid sports car, which Bob Lutz said is "quite possibly the most beautiful four-door sedan ever." Click on the "Tomorrow" tab to see images of the Atlantic, Sunset and Surf models – which we all know may never make it to dealer showrooms. Fisker offers up a hopeful message, though: when you scroll over "Tomorrow," a pop-up reads, "Tomorrow never dies."

The redesigned website has taken awhile to be launched. On April 24, the site was down all day, right at the same time as Fisker and the US Department of Energy were being raked over the coals during a Congressional hearing. There were also court papers discovered taking Fisker to task for unpaid bills, including the designer of the website and mobile apps claiming the company owed $535,000.

Whatever the backstory is, there are still some glitches on the site. Click on the "Press" tab and the "Contact" page comes up. The inquiries[at] is the only contact point mentioned (three times), but when you try emailing that address, it gets bounced back as undeliverable. In the FAQ, the "Are there other Fisker models?" question does not mention the Atlantic at all. Also, the "About Fisker - Story" link also goes nowhere, which is poetic and telling.

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