"There will certainly be an SUV in the next two or three years," said Damien Dally, head of the Alfa Romeo brand in the UK, speaking to The Telegraph. We've known for quite some time that Alfa Romeo had plans for a sport utility vehicle – the automaker has gone so far as to produce a concept of what such a machine may look like, as seen by the Kamal above.

We've even heard a few dates from Alfa Romeo about when to expect its production SUV, and so far, each of them has come and gone with nary a 'ute to be seen. Still, where there's smoke there's fire, and we really do think the Italian automaker is cooking up an SUV or two, possibly based on underpinnings borrowed from either the Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, or both – remember, both Jeep and Alfa fall under the massive Fiat umbrella held up by Sergio Marchionne.

Of course, we've been waiting for Alfa Romeo's return to the United States for what feels like an eternity, so we're not holding our breath for a flock of US-market machines anytime soon. That said, we'll keep our ears to the ground for more on any potential new Alfa SUVs or crossovers, and as soon as we know anything solid, so will you.

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