In a move that will likely forever change the relationship between handheld wireless devices and automotive infotainment systems, reports say that Apple is working closely with multiple automakers to integrate its iOS Maps and Siri voice-activated systems seamlessly into vehicles. According to those familiar with the plans, Apple is designing updated versions of center consoles that allow iOS devices (like the iPhone or iPad) to be plugged directly into the vehicle. When initiated, the vehicle's built-in display becomes the iOS interface – with direct access to Apple Maps and other Siri-enabled services. Future plans may include even deeper interaction, with the Apple device assisting with realtime vehicle diagnostics.

This isn't the the first time Apple's name has come up on the pages of Autoblog, as it has been synonymous with the industry for years. The technology giant has not only admitted that it once considered making its own car, but it has integrated iPod/iPad devices into vehicles, replaced owner's manuals and supported specialized vehicle apps for countless brands. But this latest news is much more aggressive, as it shows that Apple isn't just interested supplying aftermarket solutions, but embedding itself into the industry as it seeks to replace OEM equipment.

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