Almost 200 publicly accessible plug-in vehicle charging stations were added in the US last month by public and private entities, reflecting a slight acceleration in station deployment as more Americans buy electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Drivers could choose from 5,865 charging stations as of April 26, up from 5,678 stations about a month earlier, according to figures published by the US Department of Energy. The 187 stations represent increased growth from the approximately 160 stations added per month during the first quarter. California boosted its plug-in station count by 69 units to a total of 1,276, including 84 in San Diego, 81 in San Francisco and 67 in Los Angeles.

Texas, the second-most plug-in station-heavy US state, added 19 stations to bring its total to 451, while Florida increased its count by four units to a total of 356.

Among retailers, Walgreens continues to be the most active in supplying plug-in stations with 364 units, while Kohl's and Whole Foods had 57 and 39 stations, respectively. McDonald's had 36 stations nationwide. In April, Kroger announced it would add 225 stations up and down the west coast.

First-quarter 2013 plug-in vehicle sales totaled almost 18,000 vehicles, more than twice as many as 2012 numbers. April's plug-in sales numbers are being released this week.

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