It's a classic car dealer move: offer extra special deals as the monthly calendar winds down and, presto, you've boosted your sales totals. When it comes to the 2012 Mitsubishi i (the current model), something needed to be done, since Mitsubishi only sold 31 examples in March. Towards the end of April, Mitsubishi offered an eye-popping $10,000 in dealer cash on the engine-free hood of the all-electric i (or i-MiEV, as it is also known). With the dealer cash and a federal tax rebate worth up to $7,500, Mitsubishi's Dan Irvin said April was "a good time to buy an i-MiEV." The i starts at $29,125 and shoppers still needed to negotiate with the dealership on final price, of course.

The deal is over now, but when it was still going on, Irvin told Autoblog there was "plenty of inventory to accommodate this promotion." He said he didn't know the number of 2012 i-MiEVs remaining in the US, but the end result was that 127 were sold last month.

Even with the extra money, April i sales did not reach the lofty (as it were) heights of January and February, when 257 and 337 of the Mitsubishi EVs were sold, respectively. The i has been the subject of low, low prices before, including a cell-phone-like lease of $69 a month.

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