The trajectory of Wheego Electric Cars is light years away from the always-in-the-news Tesla Motors or the Congressional darlings Fisker Automotive. Despite the lack of attention, Wheego manages to keep on plugging away, adding new dealers and making it past regulatory hurdles. This low-key route is entirely by design.

Wheego CEO Mike McQuary recently told Plug In Cars that the key has been to not overestimate demand for the LiFe EV, a small two-seater from an unknown company. "We've always had a realistic expectation of what the market will be. We build a batch of cars and we sell them," he said. The biggest group of consumers has turned out to retirees, McQuary told PIC.

Building on its small but stable base, Wheego is planning expanding its line-up to include an electric SUV at some point in the next year. Like the LiFe, this new model will use a body made in China along with US components. The expected prices is $44,000 (before any government incentives). The LiFe starts at $32,995.

Wheego, which is based in Atlanta, has always been associated with China, since that's where its vehicle bodies come from. The company will soon have more formal ties there, McQuary said, because a new assembly line in China should be up and running within 12 months. Looks like the next year will be a busy one for quiet Wheego.

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