We were never all that great at math, but we can tell you that Miata + V8 = awesome. That even applies to heavy cast-iron small block Chevrolet V8s with carburetors instead of fuel injection. But as one aspiring wrench recently found out, even the most sound of formulas can lead to disaster when you start throwing in unknown variables. Variables like a leaky fuel system. The gentleman in the video below seems keen on firing up his partially installed Chevrolet engine using a jug of fuel and a remote starter, but disaster strikes when things suddenly go all flambé.

From what we can see, it looks as if the carb itself is leaking fuel down the front and back of the engine. Throw in a few sparks and suddenly you have a fresh reminder to check on your fire extinguisher's expiration date. Or, in this guy's case, whether or not you even own a fire extinguisher. After dousing the garage in gasoline and spreading the flames with authority, our young hero manages to get his hands on a garden hose and actually manages to get the fire under control before the scenario turns into an awkward conversation with the insurance company. Check out the insanity in the video below.

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