It seems as if NASCAR drivers are hellbent on blurring the line between their sport and pro wrestling. Nelson Piquet Jr. and Brian Scott got into a little scuffle after a Nationwide Series race at Richmond International Raceway recently. The two drivers have had a running rivalry for some time now, and when Piquet spun Scott in a bid for 15th place, Scott stopped by Piquet's car post-race. Some shoving ensued, and Piquet decided to kick for Scott's groin in an attempt to put an end to the argument. Apparently, that wasn't enough.

Later, crew members for both drivers got into a further altercation at the track's motor home lot that culminated in two of Scott's boys getting arrested. Michael Searce was booked on two charges of misdemeanor assault while Thomas Costello was arrested on one count of the same. Both were released early Saturday. You can watch a video of the collision as well as interviews with both drivers below.

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