General Motors has tweaked CEO Dan Akerson's pay mix to compensate for the possibility that the 64-year-old executive may retire before his long-term restricted stock vests in three years. Last year, Akerson saw his pay jump by 44 percent to $11.1 million, including $1.99 million in restricted stock as salary units, which vest immediately. Previously, Akerson was awarded around $2 million in restricted stock that could be forfeited on retirement.

The change has led some analysts to believe Akerson may retire earlier than he had planned. While speaking with Bloomberg, GM spokesperson Tom Henderson said, "We certainly wouldn't speculate on what he will actually do. That's up to him."

Akerson received $7.7 million in 2011 despite his actual pay target being closer to $9 million. If that seems steep, keep in mind his compensation falls well behind that of Ford CEO Alan Mulally, who brought home $21 million in compensation in 2012. GM is required to report changes to executive pay to the federal government.

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