While Henrik Fisker was in Washington, D.C. being grilled by Congress over government loans received by his former company, Fisker Automotive, Tesla co-founder Elon Musk was offering to give the California government money to help widen the 405 freeway.

With delays and cost overruns plaguing the expansion of one of the busiest stretches of road in the US, Musk has already kicked in $50,000 to move the project along and is apparently willing to spend even more to get the job done.

According to the LA Times, the widening of the 405 is already at least a year behind schedule and about $100 million over budget, and Musk was quoted as saying that he'd be willing to contribute more to hire new workers to help end the "horrendous" traffic. The estimated completion date is now set for fall of 2014, which likely doesn't factor in any more problems that, according to the article, have included structural failure to miles of sound walls and legal battles over some ramp placements.

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