A mother, father and 5-month-old baby are lucky to be alive after a catastrophic car accident crushed the family's Dodge pickup truck.

Teresa Bowers, her boyfriend Marcus Osborne, and their son Joshua were driving through Ellenwood, Georgia, on Sunday when a tree fell on their vehicle. The family climbed through broken windows and glass to escape. The baby was rushed to emergency care where doctors removed glass from his hair and skin.

"The tree just came down from nowhere. In just five seconds – bam!," Bowers told Fox 5 Atlanta.

The force of the tree had totaled the truck, collapsing engine compartment and even knocking off the tailgate. Osborne told the news outlet he only had liability insurance, which will not cover the accident or medical bills incurred by the accident. He is looking into who legally owns the tree.

Most of all however, the family is thankful to have survived what could have been a much worse situation.

"I just thank God for being here, ya know? Cause we could have been dead," Bowers told Fox 5.

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