Drag Racing Car Flies Into Stands, Injures Two Fans

Fans manage to escape major injuries as car body flies into stands

Two people were briefly hospitalized after the body blew off a car at a NHRA race, landing in a spectator area in front of the grandstands.

Robert Hight's funny car exploded early in the final qualifying session of the Four Way Nationals at the zMax Dragway. Hight was uninjured and his car was still structurally sound enough for him to continued the race. The carbon-fiber body of his car sailed high into the air before landing in a pedestrian walkway were fans were watching the race. Most of the body fell on a railing near the walkway.

"I asked where the body landed and they said, 'In the stands,' " Hight told USA Today. "It was like, 'Oh, man ...' But they came back to me real quick and said no one was injured and everybody is good."

A funny car is a style of drag-racing car that has a fake shell on top of a racing engine and frame. The shell is aerodynamic and designed to look like a real car, except the rear wheels are much larger than the front wheels.

The two injured fans were evacuated from the area with scrapes but no serious or life-threatening injuries. This crash follows a February NASCAR crash which threw a race car tire and other heavy debris through protective fencing and into stands, injured more than 30 people just days before the Daytona 500. Here's a video of that crash:

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