In attempt to visualize the claim that the McLaren P1 is, "The most aerodynamically advanced car in the world," the Woking, UK firm has put out a video called Designed by Air to show how the stuff we breathe interacts with the supercar.

The video isn't the complete story, it's just a teaser for an interactive experience that will be released next month. The full story will go into how the raw materials in the P1 were designed into the final shapes by the airflow around them. You can watch it below, but we'll warn you, it probably won't make much sense until McLaren reveals the rest of the story next month.

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18/04/13 -- The key to the performance for the McLaren P1™ is aerodynamics, and a new web experience, previewed by the 'Designed by Air' short film, is the first chapter of a two part series telling the extraordinary story behind the design of the McLaren P1™.

The experience takes participants on a journey as the car is born from raw metallic and carbon elements and is crafted by airflow. The story evolves to unveil the McLaren P1™ within the wind tunnel highlighting the aerodynamic focus of the car's design.

Expanding into further sections the experience will reveal an interactive 3D model of the McLaren P1™ with further information about the finely honed aerodynamic features. The programme also showcases the McLaren P1™ in simulated urban, alpine, highway and track environments, detailing how the active aerodynamic systems adjust and adapt to deliver optimum performance for differing driving conditions.

Watch the teaser at the official McLaren Automotive YouTube channel.

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