During a discussion of the next-generation Holden Commodore and the General Motors Zeta platform, the question of an Australian-built SUV came up. Dave Leone, GM's executive chief engineer for luxury and rear-wheel-drive cars, wouldn't go any further than to say "that could be very possible," but recent events at Holden only reinforce the notion that we won't have any idea what is and isn't possible at the Aussie branch until it's actually done.

If there were such an SUV in the Holden pipeline, speculation is that it could be built on the platform for the next-generation Chevrolet Cruze, and that it could send the Captiva – imported to Australia from Thailand – into retirement. That's a lot of coulds, but it's all Aussie-market watchers have as they try to figure out what Holden's going to do for the next nine years it has pledged to build cars in Oz. Alongside that Cruze, a next-generation VJ Commodore is also promised and a locally-built SUV might make sense as a third model.

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