This security camera caught a different sort of breaking and entering when a Toyota Highlander slammed into the house not once, but twice. The original YouTube user who uploaded the video claims that the driver and passengers were victims of unintended acceleration.

Sudden unintended acceleration was a problem for Toyota in 2009 and 2010 when the automaker issued three separate recalls to deal with cars that would accelerate on their own. The company recalled more than 10 million vehicles to fix problems with floormats and with gas pedals that would stick open when people were driving.

It's unclear from the video what's going on inside this vehicle, although it does seem out of control. After the first crash, the driver throws the SUV in reverse, only to crash into the house a second time. The car then reversed and spun wildly into the street.

Toyota said it sent technicians to look at the vehicle and on-board computer data. The company claims that this is driver error as the car did not record any attempt to hit the brakes. What do you think? Does the video show evidence either way?

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