A few things have changed since the Spartan V track car was announced almost three years ago. Back in 2010, the red open-top sportscar from Australia was slated to be a 661-pound apex-hugger with 170 horsepower coming from a 1,200-cc Ducati engine. The slinky red bodywork remains, but the engine now comes from Honda: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turns the output wick up to 250 hp. Opt for the supercharger and benefit from 400 horsepower. Weight has predictably gone up as well, the Spartan V now clocking in at 1,100 pounds, while top speed has come down from 173 miles per hour to 149 mph.

With just enough of an interior to keep you on the paved bits, the Spartan V still shouldn't have any problem going fast, though, as the video below proves. There will be just 300 made, and the price quoted in Spartan's press release below is $95,000 – we'll assume that US dollars. The price in Australia is $79,000 AUD (about $82,000 US), so you can save yourself a few large if you already have a second home Down Under.

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Aussie Spartan: superlight supercar

Spartan, the Australian-made supercar, redefines the rules of lightweight performance. At just
500kg, the carbon fibre, alloy and minimalist two-seater packs a Honda 2.0-litre four-cylinder
designed purely to tear up the track.

Designed and developed in Sydney, the Spartan is a low volume sports car designed for the
track car enthusiast. It runs a four-cylinder engine taken from an Integra Type-R squeezing out
an impressive 186kW (250hp), with a supercharged option 300kW (400hp).

With lightweight shell bucket seats, essential-only interior and CAD suspension and braking
components, the Spartan has blistering performance. But it's the track that the Spartan is
designed for and with its Yokohama R-spec track tyres and featherweight, the Spartan is
supremely agile and nimble through the turns, reinforcing the maxim of less weight is always
better than more power.

Selling for around $95,000, video and more information on the Spartan is available from

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