A high end sports car owner who parks in handicap spots illegally already has an unfair sense of entitlement bordering on deranged. Messing with his ride will only make it worse.

In the video above, semi-professional internet pranker Roman Atwood sees a Ferrari parked in a handicap spot in a largely empty lot with no handicap pass or license plates.

So to teach the owner a lesson Atwood uses a water bottle to mimic him urinating on the sports car. The owner, see Atwood, then displays his physical soundness as he loses it and grabs Atwood, pushing him almost to the ground and screaming.

When Atwood accuses him of illegally parking in a handicap spot the guy yells "It doesn't matter it's a Ferarri!" all while pushing and hitting Atwood. Even after he shows the driver the water bottle and explains how it's all a prank he keeps coming after Atwood, at one point yelling "I can buy your whole family!"

He sounds like a nice guy.

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