continues to cool its heals because of one hot battery. Specifically, the Japanese automaker hasn't found a reason why the lithium-ion batteries in its Outlander plug-in hybrid-electric SUV are overheating and therefore will continue its production moratorium, Automotive News says. The Outlander PHEV's batteries are made by Lithium Energy Japan, which is owned by a joint-venture of Mitsubishi and GS Yuasa. The latter company makes batteries for the Boeing Dreamliner, which sustained a number of fires earlier this year.

The Outlander production stoppage stems from a March 21 incident in which a battery pack in an Outlander PHEV overheated at a Yokohama dealership. At the time, Mitsubishi said drivers should refrain from external charging until the cause was found. Last month, Mitsubishi also disclosed that it was stopping production on the i-MiEV all-electric vehicle because of a battery fire. The company has since restarted production on that model using Toshiba-made batteries.

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