We suppose that it was fate that eventually someone would take a vintage Fiat 500 and wrap it around a 6.2-liter V12 plucked from a Lamborghini Murcielago. Seeing as how both the 500 and the Murcielago hail from Italy, it was only a matter of time before the two got drunk and made either the best or worst decision of their lives depending on who you ask.

Built by Oemmedi Mechanics, the car first bowed at the 2012 Bologna Motor Show, and while the ultra-widebody finished product is barely recognizable as an adorable Cinquecento, there's no mistaking the sound of that wicked V12.

How quick is the thing? Oemmedi isn't saying, but we imagine plopping an engine that dishes out 580 horsepower in a car that tipped the scales at just 1,100 pounds from the factory results in all sorts of abuses on the laws of physics. You can check out a few videos of the creation below.

FIAT 500 Information

FIAT 500

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