It used to be that New York marked the end of the auto show season, but after the Shanghai show has moved so as not to compete with NYC, we've settled in for a few more weeks of teasing. Here we have another glimpse of the Vulcano, the supercar created by Shanghai-based boutique carmaker Icona that we'll see revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show.

It's a fuller view of the back end than we glimpsed in the first teaser, covered in "Red Magma" paint. We're looking forward to finding out what that central hatch hides since the Vulcano's V12 engine – the work of Claudio Lombardi, whose resume includes powertrain engineering for World Rally Championship Lancias and the Formula One and GT Programs at Ferrari – is mounted in front. That engine is mated to electric motors and the whole shebang kicks out 900 horsepower.

The Vulcano is said to be an evolution of the all-electric Fuselage concept that Icona showed at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show. "Evolution" is a broad term, especially when we're going from a zero-emissions vehicle to a 900-horsepower hybrid sports car, but to at least check out where the company has been there's a video of the Fuselage below.

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