Edison2 Unveils New Very Light Car Design

A car with a motorcycle engine that gets 129 mpg

It's the strange little car that might be making an appearance on a roadway near you. Virginia-based Edison2 showed off the latest version of their super fuel-efficient Very Light Car, signaling a possible move towards to production.

The VLC could become one of the first truly futuristic car designs to make it to consumers. It began as 2010 as the Automotive X Prize top prizewinner, and the company has tweaked its design to appeal to consumer tastes. It's super aerodynamic body recorded the lowest drag ever for a multiple passenger car at GM aerodynamics lab and it's aluminum frame and light one-cylinder engine keeps the car under 1,000 pounds. While the first version was about enhancing the technology, the new design is meant to address consumer's needs such as more interior space and better handling.

"The auto industry has been refining the same architecture for more than 50 years, and Edison2 has created a new path - a new way of building a car that has many environmental and economic benefits," said Oliver Kuttner, CEO and Founder of Edison2.

The aerodynamic design gives the car an incredible 129 mpg. The tall skinny tires contain a system of in-wheel suspension and help to further reduce wind resistance.

Edison2 has yet to announce plans to move into production, but this further tweaking of the design is a sign that these strange vehicles may become available to the public. Assuming that the VLC can satisfy motor vehicle safety regulations, Edison2 has put the starting cost at under $20,000.

See the original design in the video below:


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