So says he. While speaking with reporters, Sebastian Vettel said he would probably disobey team orders again if those orders included instructions not to challenge his teammate Mark Webber. As you may recollect, Vettel found himself in hot water after he passed Webber at the Malaysian Grand Prix to take the win. Vettel later apologized for his actions, saying, "I messed up." Apparently being sorry only goes so far. When asked if he would do the same again, Vettel said that he probably would and that his actions at the Malaysian GP were a form of indirect payback for a lack of support at past races.

Webber caught flack last season after appearing to obstruct Vettel twice at the Brazilian GP as the German driver fought for a team win against Fernando Alonso.

Moving forward, Red Bull has said it will not implement team orders at the end of a race, and Vettel has not been punished by the team for taking the win. The driver said that he failed to understand the order given during the race over the radio and that he immediately apologized to everyone involved. He also said he would have yielded the position if he had been ordered to do so.

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