It's true. Top Gear has been hitting airwaves in Iran since 2009, and since then, the program has garnered an impressive following. Mozaffar Shafeie, an actor who translates Jeremy Clarkson's musings into Farsi for the show, routinely finds himself signing autographs for fans. While the BBC can't operate freely in the country, BBC Persian TV hosts Top Gear. When the station dropped the show to air an interview with then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, BBC reports viewers accustomed to their regular dose of Clarkson, Hammond and May protested bitterly.

When the regular Top Gear season comes to a close, BBC Persian TV fills the time slot with Top Gear USA. Needless to say, that maneuver goes over about as well as broadcasting Clinton's comments.

Iranians are only allowed to buy 13 gallons of gasoline every month, but that hasn't quelled the country's love of cars. Even so, many manufacturers have left the country in protest against Iran's nuclear program.

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