Bubba Watson BW1 hovercraft golf cart

In honor of the 2013 Masters Tournament, which begins today in Augusta, Ga., we're excited to bring you some golf coverage...TRANSLOGIC style. Bubba Watson, Jr. is a pro golfer on the PGA Tour and last year's winner of the coveted green. But it isn't his golf game that caught our attention, rather his unique golf cart. {C}

"I see a lot of stares, a lot of laughs, then they see how efficient it is," says Watson.

The BW1 is a golf cart hovercraft prototype. Chris Fitzgerald, president of Neoteric Hovercraft Inc., is seen in the video discussing the details of why the BW1 is at home on the golf course. He goes as far as saying that the foot print pressure of the BW1 is 33 times less than that of a human foot, so the greens are never disturbed. Another benefit is the ability to glide over water hazards without a second thought.

Fitzgerald's Indiana-based company builds similar models for more than $20,000, so don't expect to see these at your next tee time. For now, the BW1 is just a prototype--and an obvious advertising opportunity for Oakley--but hey, we can dream.

Check out Bubba and his BW1 hovercraft golf cart in the video below:

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