One of the truly great things about a LeMons race is that the event is a celebration of all cars. We appreciate the fact that Lamborghini and Ferrari models get all sorts of fanfare throughout the year, but where else will you see a lowly Ford Fairmont cheered around a road track? Nowhere else, we tell you. The races are also an excuse for the lowliest of hardware to rub shoulders with high end metal. Take a recent event at Monticello Motor Club, for example. James Glickenhaus stopped in with his Ferrari P4/5, and organizers figured the creation was quick enough to serve as the race's pace car.

That's right. Glickenhaus actually put his unique P4/5 on the same track as a bunch of heaps held together with bailing twine and beer-fueled optimism. We would wager his machine is worth approximately five times as much as every competitor's vehicle on the course combined. Yes, that's awesome. You can watch a video of the Ferrari P4/5 serving as a LeMons pace car in the videos below.

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