Almost a year ago, General Motors made the high-profile move of pulling its advertisements from Facebook, but now it appears that the two giants of their respective industries are back on speaking terms. Ad Age is reporting that GM is once again committing its ad dollars to Facebook, although there are few details to go on including how much the automaker plans to spend.

What's changed since last May? For starters, Joel Ewanick was fired from GM last year after ending the relatively small Facebook ad budget (reportedly $10 million) and initiating a much more expensive one ($559 million) with British soccer team Manchester United. Also, the Ad Age article does indicate that since last May, Facebook has come up with a new ad exchange that offers more traditional advertisements rather than cookie-based social ads, which may have been one of the reasons GM dropped its Facebook budget to begin with.

In any case, you can now expect to see The General's advertisements while you're looking for some online social interaction.

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