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The List #0071: Compete in a Demolition Derby

Jessi's going solo this week as we check off another oft-requested item from our list of 1,001 Car Things To Do Before You Die. The task this time is to compete in a demolition derby, so Ms. Combs took herself to one of Southern California's county fairs where this time-honored tradition is still a celebrated motorsport.

With a car supplied by derby veteran Stan "Mac" McDonald, Jessi was able to enter the field of 14 rust buckets, clunkers and mangled machines competing that night. The battle field was a 7,500-square-foot patch of earth in the center of an arena that was bordered on all sides by dirt mounds. Her strategy? Put it in Reverse and mash the throttle. As it turns out, competing in the derby is a lot different than watching from the stands, and Jessi's night wouldn't go as she expected.

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