Whether or not you've seen and judged the trailer for the audio-oculo-neural assault that will be Fast and Furious 6 – you know, the one where an Alfa Romeo hatchback pulls down a military cargo jet at full throttle and then a pristine Dodge Charger erupts from the jet's flaming nosecone – we'd like to recommend you check out a facsimile made with R/C cars. That means that none of the classic and current metal our own Michael Harley got to check out on the Universal lot was harmed during filming.

NitroRCX replaced all but a few of the driving scenes in trailer with its own R/C creations, and it's a goof to watch – they've made a delightful parody of a franchise that's become parodic. They even kept the flaming jet crash, but used an arguably cooler stand-in. You can watch the NitroRCX take below, and we've also added the actual movie trailer so you can compare and contrast.

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