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As part of its ongoing effort to make vehicles as safe as possible, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reportedly looking into creating a new crash-test rating system for cars which includes introducing a "Silver" rating to indicate added safety for senior drivers. Automotive News reports that NHTSA Administrator David Strickland says the agency is trying to find a way to make cars safer for senior citizens and it's also seeking a way to incorporate crash-prevention technology into its coveted five-star safety rating.

To protect senior drivers, NHTSA's Silver rating may focus on cars that offer inflatable seat belts or even introduce new technologies that help prevent unintended acceleration as a result of the driver accidently hitting the wrong pedal. Strickland also says existing crash-prevention technologies (such as forward collision warning and lane departure prevention) could work their way into the rating system for new vehicles. This all comes just days after another NHTSA-related report where the agency is apparently trying to come up with ways to fast-track "noncontroversial" rules and regulations.

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