Boynton Beach Police bragged on Twitter that they'd cau... Boynton Beach Police bragged on Twitter that they'd caught two people speeding at once in a school zone. (Twitter)
Police in Boynton Beach, Fla., are using Twitter to embarrass drivers speeding through school zones.

The police department didn't disclose exactly where it had patrol cars camped out, but said it was heading near Citrus Grove Elementary School. A day earlier, it had been at Freedom Shores Elementary. The department had taken a poll on its Facebook page asking residents where they should camp out.

Officers announced they had caught someone speeding within a minute of arriving at its location.

Police treated it like a fishing expedition, gloating about their catches:

And posting a retort to one driver's excuse that he or she was late for work:

They also posted their gall over one driver's speed:

The police department said it wrote eight citations in less than an hour. A local newspaper chided the department for using Twitter to shame drivers, and the police department countered back:

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