UPDATE: This Kickstarter campaign has been shut down due to copyright disputes over the original images used to create the Blackprints.

We enjoy highlighting artists who turn their brushes, lenses or whatever medium they fancy towards the four-wheeled things in life. San Francisco-based artist Sabrina Chun has done just that with her series called Blackprints: Car Designs Reimagined, which is currently enjoying an overabundance of funding on Kickstarter.

In the series, Chun has taken eight iconic autos and created inverse black-and-white profile views of each. The cars include the Porsche 911, '67 Mustang GT500, Shelby Cobra, Lamborghini Countach, Volkswagen Microbus, Ford Model T and pop culture icons like the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters and the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

The prints will be available in two sizes, mini (6x9 inches) and jumbo (24x38 inches), and they're printed on 80-pound card stock made of recycled paper using environmentally friendly soybean-based ink and solvent. What's more, this is some very reasonably priced art; a pledge of just $34 or more will get you all eight mini prints, while a pledge of $139 or more scores you all eight jumbos.

If you'll indulge us donning our art critic hats for a moment, what we like about Chun's Blackprints is not only the fact that she's chosen eight excellent cars to feature, but the works will hang equally well on the wall of a garage or living room. They seem so simple, but you'll soon lose track of time staring at features you've never noticed before that only reveal themselves in the light of Chun's negative spaces.

Take a closer look in our gallery above or in the video below.

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