Survivors described the scary scene on Easter Sunday when foggy conditions lead to a 95-car pileup, leaving three people dead and 25 injured.

Officials say the road, near the Virginia-North Carolina border at Fancy Gap Mountain, is known for its fog conditions.

"Tires were exploding on a truck that was on fire," said one man who witnessed the crash. "We didn't know what it was. You could hear all the cars hitting one another."

Fog is one of the most dangerous weather conditions to drive in, officials say. The National Weather Service has tips for drivers who encounter fog:

• Turn your lights on low beam, since high beams reflect off the fog and impair visibility.
• Slow down and watch your speedometer. Fog can make you feel like you're driving slower than you actually are.
• Listen for traffic – keep your windows cracked open so you can hear cars you cannot see.
• Use the right edge of the road or painted markers as a guide, not other car lights.
• Be patient. Do not pass other cars.
• Do not stop on the road or on the shoulder. If your car becomes disabled, turn off the lights and keep your foot off the brake pedal. Move away from the car to avoid injury.

If you witness a bad car accident, police ask that you stay long enough to give them an account of what you've seen. If you find yourself in a massive pile up, it's safest to stay in the car until the accidents stop. Then, get out of the car and find safe ground away from oncoming traffic.

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