Or at least that's the claim. Grunnar and The Grizzly Boys have released a new video for their song Could Be Me, and the clip claims to have been made possible with the help of a Google Street View car. Instead of using seamlessly edited video, the band opted for what looks to be a rolling concert performed from the back of three pickups in front of a Street View car. There are a couple of issues with that notion, though. First off, the Street View software automatically blurs faces, and everyone's mug is clearly visible in the music video.

Second, we imagine that if Google was involved in this project from any angle, the tech company would promote it with a vengeance. More likely, the video was created using a GoPro to snap photos every three seconds. Still, that doesn't make it any less hilarious. You can check it out below for yourself, or head over to iTunes to snap up the album. We won't judge you.

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