Motor Trend has taken it upon itself to pit the lauded 2013 Tesla Model S against the venerable 1956 Citroën DS-19 in the magazine's latest Head 2 Head video. In what realm do these two machines cross tracks? Host Jonny Lieberman makes a strong case for the fact that both cars represent the pinnacle of automotive innovation from their respective eras, but we're guessing he was really just looking for an excuse to spend a few days whirring around in a DS. Lieberman is an unabashed fan of all things Citroën, and the DS understandably sits at the top of that list.

Still, he would appear to give both cars a fair shake, lauding the Model S for its many innovations over its automotive peers while criticizing the DS for its lackluster powerplant. In the end, the victor of this particular Head 2 Head is no surprise. You can check it out in the video below for yourself.

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