One of the slides in Nate Walsh's colorful and humorous... One of the slides in Nate Walsh's colorful and humorous Craig's List ad. (Nate Walsh)
Every once and a while, someone gets really creative on Craig's List and tries to make the most awesome used car ad ever.

And folks, we might have a winner: Nate Walsh, an advertising copywriter from St. Louis, who put together this awesome ransom-note looking ad for his 1999 Toyota Camry. (Warning, the ad includes some bad language.)

The car, which he nicknamed Tanry (because it's a tan Camry, duh), has 128,000 miles on it. One door doesn't open. It has a couple of big dents on both side. Someone once vomited in it. It has a Twilight bumper sticker on it, and has had 11 flat tires.

All this, and more, could be yours for $1,500.

"I decided to sell my car this way because it is obviously not too impressive of a ride on its own – dented, quirky, not appealing to women (I can relate)," he told AOL Autos. "But I figured if I could make something funny and attention-grabbing, people would be too distracted to notice that my product was essentially terrible. This is what they call 'the cornerstone of advertising.'"

Walsh's ad probably bumps this ad out of contention for best ad ever, even though that one promised it would make beards grow faster.

Walsh said it took him nearly 20 hours of cutting, pasting and scanning images one by one. "Sometimes it is way more work to make things charmingly amateurish," he said.

Walsh said he received a couple of offers, but he's holding out. He's kind of hoping for some kind of ridiculous offer to go with his ridiculous ad.

"I'm thinking about setting up some sort of contest between potential buyers – a talent show, or a competition where everyone has to perform a skit about the car, or maybe an Amazing Race sort of thing," he joked.

At least, we think he was joking.

Here's a photo of the car, in case you're up for owning such a storied car.

Part of the ad. Click here to see the entire thing.

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