Warning: Video contains foul language and fighting.

Bradley Turner and his wife Christy are facing charges after they pulled a gun in a road rage incident, which was caught on camera.

The video shows Bradley Turner coming up to the driver's door of a pickup truck and accusing the young driver of trying to run him off the road. The driver and his passenger leap out of the car and start beating up Turner.

The fight stops when Christy Turner emerges from the car with a gun in her hand. As the truck driver and passengers disperse, she hands the gun to her husband, who fired at least one shot.

The video was filmed by someone in the back of the pickup truck. Witnesses said Bradley Turner continued shooting after the camera was turned off.

Earlier stories
said the Turners had their toddler in the car while shots were fired.

Turner was released on a $37,500 bond after turning himself in to police, according to WITN.com. He's charged with assault and a handful of other crimes. His wife was charged with assault by pointing a gun.

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