Conspicuous consumption is a vice that wealthy Americans have down to a science, but it's safe to say that the richest members of the Middle Eastern elite have elevated it to an art.

The latest example that we've seen of said artistry is a Range Rover that has been elaborately festooned with coinage from some of the most oil-rich nations of the region. The work has been done by an outfit called Coins Car – we're hoping there's some witticism there that just doesn't translate into English – and has seen some 57,412 coins adhered to the surface of the SUV. Following the flag markers, we see that coins from Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia have all been represented, and with United Arab Emirates getting more real estate than the rest of the crew.

Scroll down for a 360-degree video look at the Coins Car Land Rover, or take a moment to browse the gallery of images plucked from the company's Facebook page.

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