You don't deliver 500 expensive, luxury electric vehicles by thinking small. To wit, the Tesla Model S, which Tesla announced today has reached that refined level – and that the global rollout continues. Now, 500 deliveries a week does not mean Tesla is taking 500 new orders a week – the company doesn't release monthly sales numbers like most other automakers, just quarterly, and then indirectly – but it does indicate that the previous self-limitation of building just 400 a week is crumbling.

Most Model S deliveries are in California (surprise! Just kidding), where Tesla customers have now registered over 3,000 units. Again, we don't know the monthly sales, but in the fourth quarter of 2012, Tesla sold around 2,400 Model S EVs in total. Tesla has talked about overseas sales before, and a new blog post by George Blankenship, the vice president of worldwide sales and ownership experience, gives fresh details about the Model S now officially being a "World Car." It was recently on display in Kyoto (above) as part of the Get Amped International Tour. Similar to the US version, this tour offers test drives in Europe and Asia.

Back in the US, Tesla is talking about more Superchargers, indicating that new units will soon (i.e., within the next three to four months) be coming to the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Illinois, and Florida. The current networks in the northeast and California will also be expanded – something that could have avoided Tesla a lot of hassle recently.

Tesla Model S Information

Tesla Model S

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