President Obama's limo breaks down in Israel

Reports are coming in from Israel that President Obama's limousine, often called " The Beast," has broken down. You might be wondering how the most protected vehicle in the world could break down on an overseas visit, and the answer would surprise you. There's a bit of discrepancy over what exactly happened (and the Secret Service is living up to its name with the details, but apparently somebody filled The Beast with diesel fuel instead of gasoline gasoline instead of diesel, according to The Times of Israel. While we don't know exactly what type of engine powers the presidential limo, because the vehicle's based on a heavy-duty truck chassis, the fact that it's powered by a diesel motor doesn't surprise us. As the report goes...

"The Americans filled it up with diesel, rather than petrol," reports Channel 2 - stressing that it was the Americans, not the Israelis.

What does the Secret Service do when the President's ride has been compromised this way? Since calling a cab is out of the question, they reportedly have a replacement limousine being flown in from in Jordan. "Son of Beast," we'll call it.

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