The TV show Breaking Bad has broken out to become one of the small screen's best offerings in years. Don't worry if you haven't watched it yet; I'm only up to season 3 on Netflix, so the chances of me spoiling much for you are low.

What I do know from watching the show is that crappy cars play a key role, from Walter's jalopy of an Aztek to the car you see above, Jesse Pinkman's 1984 Toyota Tercel. Both cars are as run down as their owners and do nothing to hide the brutal weathering of some very bad years. Indeed, they deserve supporting actor credits, and soon you'll have the chance to park one of these four-wheeled thespians in your own driveway.

TMZ has learned that Jesse's Tercel will be sold by Mike Faris Auto Wholesale in Albuquerue, New Mexico. The car was reportedly leased from Faris by the show's production, and with production on the show now complete, it's been returned. Faris does tell TMZ, though, that he can't guarantee the car was ever onscreen, since producers apparently had more than one on-hand to work with. Also, part of the deal he made with Sony Pictures Television was that the car couldn't be sold until the last episode airs, which will happen sometime this summer.

For now, the Tercel is sitting on Faris' lot with the words "Jesse's Car As Seen On 'Breaking Bad' – Make Offer" written on its windshield. We'd bet our last bag of Blue Sky that it'll fetch a few more than its book value.

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