Portland, Oregon's Route 84 was the scene of a chaotic melee that would be more expected on the set of a Lethal Weapon or on of the Speed movies.

A trucker with a history of driving under the influence entered the highway going the wrong way, terrorizing drivers before finally crashing. Portland police said they first started getting reports of the wrong-way semi driver traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 84 at 4:20 a.m.

Sheriff's deputies started chasing the truck, which continued onto the I-205 Bridge, going northbound in the southbound lanes. Traffic cameras captured the dangerous adventure.

Kenneth Burgess, 49, was found guilty of driving under the influence years ago and now the semi driver is facing charges again. Burgess works for TWT Refrigerated Service out of Cheney, WA. Owners of the trucking company declined to comment Monday, according to KPTV in Portland.

There isn't much advice to give if you are confronted with a big-rig heading at you on a highway. The best move is probably to get into the shoulder as soon as you can.

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