In the most bizarre interview we've seen since Space Ghost was cancelled, 'Office' star and SoulPancake founder Rainn Wilson tossed some thoughtful questions at Tesla CEO Elon the back of a 70s-era van, while eating a chicken burger.

The exchange got off to an awkward start after Wilson denied Musk a bite of the sandwich. "You may be a billionaire, entrepreneur, inventor, man extraordinaire, but you're not getting any of my chicken burger," said Wilson.

From there, the interview takes on a slightly more serious tone, as the two discuss Musk's stated interest in colonizing mars and compare thoughts on global warming. Musk also admits to having attended Burning Man festival wearing a Darth Vadar costume. (We said slightly more serious.)

You can watch the interview in its entirety below. Kudos to Musk for his good-humored and candid answers, and to Wilson for making us laugh, as per usual.

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